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Glocal 2010 - Ghost Performance

Jeroen Doorenweerd

Dutch multitalented artist Jeroen Doorenweerd went to the Affaire festival in Nijmegen to record his Ghostperformance.

Along went his assistant Chris and soundman Mark Smith to completely record the whole show of noise rock band HEALTH in a very special way.

With a setup of two linked video camera’s, Jeroen Doorenweerd filmed the show, as well as the audience, simultaneously. This recording of the HEALTH-show and the audience was shown during the festival Incubate in an installation called ‘Ghostperformance’.

HEALTH will perform at Incubate 2011, but then ‘REALLY’ live...!

Visit the Incubate flickr for more photo’s

Glocal 2010 - Ghost Performance Jeroen Doorenweerd